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In need of something a little healthy?


It’s a myth that Christmas is bad for you:
1. Christmas dinner consists of masses of veg…..including the very wholesome sprout
2. Christmas pud is just a big bowl of dried fruit…..think of the fibre
3. At some point some bright spark with always get either the Wii or Xbox Connect thingy out…..exercise for fun (and embarrassment)
4. The overdose of chocolates, cake, cream, roasties (cooked in goose fat because Nigella told you too), alcohol, and various other goodies makes you crave good, healthy food and exercise.

See ultimately Christmas is good for you…….very good for you!

We had a great Christmas, but then we always do. The presence of the family sees to that. Although, we all agree a couple of days together is enough to be able to enjoy one another’s company before goings our separate ways. I missed my niece and brother this year, but when your sibling jets off to the other side of the world rather than sit down the Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, then good luck to him. I hope he’s having an awesome time! (And they left behind some great pressies, so all is forgiven).

So all the pressies have been put away (or are being used! Like my great new iPad! Which I’m writing this blog on), all the left overs and bubble and squeak have been eaten and we have just one LARGE box of Celebrations to get through before all the Christmas excess is finished, and in readiness for the health kick craving I have made Granola. Home made muesli – what could be healthier?


Home Baked Granola

200 gms Rolled Oats (porridge oats)
250 gms Dried Fruit, Seeds And Nuts – your choice. I used a mixed bag from the supermarket which had cashews, pecans, cranberries, raisins and blueberries
2 tbsn Sunflower Oil
6 tbsn Runny Honey
6 tbsn Maple Syrup (or more honey if you prefer)

Pe-heat your oven to 120 or gas mark 3
Mix the oats, fruit, nuts and seeds together in a bowl
Drizzle over the oil, honey and Maple Syrup
Hint: if you measure your oil first! Don’t clean the spoon. Use it for your honey and syrup and the oil will stop the gloopy stuff from sticking!
Mix everything till well combined
Scatter on a large baking tray and bake for 30 to 40 minutes, depending how well toasted you like your oats. Every 10 minutes use a fork to ‘rake’ up and turn over the Granola so it gets evenly toasted.
When adequately toasted, remove from the oven and allow to cool.
Your Granola will keep for several days in an airtight container.
It’s great with milk or yoghurt, or scattered over ice cream.

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