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Luuuuuuv Biscuits


V-Day is only a matter of weeks away…..what will you be giving this year?

I’ve been with the hubster for nearly 27 years (we’re not old, we met at school) so Valentines Day doesn’t really have the same joy for us as it used to when I was 15 and he was 18. Back then he gave me a card that he’d written so many kisses in, the pen ran out half way through – it was a big card!!

Nowadays we’re a bit more anti-Valentines. We refuse to go out on the day, because Valentines set menus are just a rip-off, and either or both of us have to ask the question ‘are we buying cards this year?’.

However, we do always try and do something a bit special, at home, just for us. Usually a nice home cooked, special meal and a film.

But, this year will be different! He’s skipping the country on a work trip, so I, for the first time in 27 years, will be home alone for Valentines. But please DO NOT feel sorry for me, I have the dogs for company and the kitchen to pootle about in for comfort. I’ll probably knock up a few of my fave butter biscuits to share with the doggies!

They are so ridiculously simple, but just look how pretty they can be. I made my favourite Butter Biscuit dough (a sugar cookie dough will work just as well), and coloured half pink. Using various different size heart cutters, I played around to get different effects. What could be easier and what says Valentines more than a home-made gift to share with the one (or ones, the dogs in my case) you love.

This post is for the Virtual Valentines Craft and Bake Competition 2012 being run by the talented Cakeboule,


1 thought on “Luuuuuuv Biscuits”

  1. Wow these are fantastic! They remind me of the oak trophy to be won. I am a sucker for biscuits. If he is out of town that means you get the remote and peace! Thanks for entering the competition. Good Luck!

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