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Blackberry and Apple Open Pie


This post has nothing to do with the recipe below, but I feel compelled to share as I have told a few people this today, and I think it’s been enlightening.

Today I burnt myself – badly. But that’s not it……

I burnt myself taking a tea spoon out of a jacket potato……..that’s it!! I baked a jacket potato with a teaspoon inside (as I always do) as it half the cooking time.

Its a great tip, and one I feel I should share with you all! Stick a teaspoon (or skewer as someone else suggested) into the middle of a potato. Put it in the oven, and while the oven temperature cooks the potato from outside in, the spoon heats up and cooks it from inside out.

Another great tip is, when you take the potato out of the oven, remember the spoon is very very very hot, and should NOT be touched with bare hands!! I have a melted thumb and index finger to prove this point!

Now onto the recipe…well I needed something to console myself after turning my hand into molten flesh and it had to be easy, because I was temporarily disabled, and this is just too easy for words.

Blackberry and Apple Open Pie

Remember the pastry I made for my Sausage and Fried Onion Rolls? Well I had a bit left over!

I rolled it out, directly onto a piece of greasproof paper, until it was roughly a 12″ circle.

I spread about the middle 8 inches with apricot jam.

In the fridge I had a Braeburn apple, which I peeled, cored and sliced and laid over the jam. I then sprinkled it with brown sugar and cinnamon

I also had a few blackberries (apple and blackberry – classic combo!) which I dotted around, and then I crumpled all the sides up.

I then gave the pastry a quick egg wash, sprinkled with a bit more brown sugar (demerara this time), popped it on a baking sheet and baked in a moderate oven for 25 minutes.

I served it with ready made custard, and it was delish! I completely forgot about my maimed hand for all of 3 minutes while I ate it!!

Apologies for the poor photos, but it was my right hand I’ve burnt (and I’m right handed) and left handed photography is not my strong point!


1 thought on “Blackberry and Apple Open Pie”

  1. Looks yummy! Congratulations on winning the Hotel Chocolat selection in my blog competition – have a fantastic Valentine’s day and maybe save him one for his return! (but like a last rolo)

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