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Chocolate Sponge Push Pops


I attend a few fairs and markets every year, with an offering of cupcakes and biscuits.

When I have a table covered in cupcakes, there a are a few things I’m guaranted to see and hear…..

* “Oooo, they look too good to eat” to which I always reply, “but cakes are made to be eaten”.
* Parents will always, very firmly say “Point to the one you want….don’t touch it!”
* “But we haven’t had lunch yet!” usually said by a man when his lady points to the chocolate cupcakes.
* “Mummy can you hold this” as a small child passes their parent a cake, minus buttercream, looking slightly squished and a bit gooey

And its this last one I am attempting to help with through this post.

A cupcake for a small child is a beautiful treasure……but once the delight of the pretty buttercream swirl is consumed the cake sometimes looses its appeal and gets handed back to Mum for safe keeping. What does she do witit with? Hold it for the rest of the day? Eat it? Put it in her handbag to become a pile of crumbs?

So the solution…….Push Pops

There a many bonus’s to Push Pops……firstly, you can sandwich buttercream between cake, half way down the Push Pop, so the attractive sweet gooey bit isn’t just on the top. And secondly, when the attention has moved to elsewhere, there is a lid, so when it’s put in a handbag there will be no crumbs to spill into the bottom.

There is a downside however……they are a little pricey, BUT, they can be washed and reused.

You can buy them from a few places. I bought mine from Amazon.


Chocolate Sponge Push Pops

Push Pop Holders
Chocolate Cake – about 1″ thick. If you can’t be bothered to bake, shop bought will work just fine.
Chocolate Buttercream, preferably in a piping bag
Marshmallows for decoration

Firstly, use your Push Pop container as cutter, and cut discs out of your cake.

Now its just a case of construction:
Place one disc of cake in the bottom of the container.
Pipe some buttercream on top of the cake.
Pop some marshmallows in.

How easy is that?

All the joys of a cake, with less of the little hands cupcakes, squishy mess!


Because of the cost it is unlikely I will be selling them at fairs, as I’m not sure parents will be willing to pay the extra.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Sponge Push Pops”

  1. Mmm, these push pops look absolutely heavenly! I have to try making them!
    What beautiful sweets and blog you have here! Thanks for visiting me over on Sweetopia, I’m glad to have ‘found’ you through my blog birthday post! xo

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