The Cake Walk

The Cake Walk – Isle of Wight Part 1


There are a few things in my life I do for fun.

1. Bake and/or eat cake
2. Walk my dogs (Barney the Welsh Springer and Daisy the Black Labrador) with and without the Hubster (preferably with)
3. Clay pigeon shooting

Some times I get the opportunity to combine 2 of my fun things, and this week that means walking and eating cake!!

We are holidaying in Bonchurch, near Ventnor on the south of the Isle of Wight. I have to confess we didn’t pick the most sensible week as the Isle of Wight Festival is taking place, and it SHOULD be Glastonbury weekend, so the weather is almost guaranteed to be rubbish! BUT we’re here and we will damn well enjoy ourselves come rain, shine, hail, storm, lightening, snow…..we’re British – we do bad weather!!

Looking back to Ventnor Town Centre

Anyway, onto today’s Cake Walk. Whilst filling up with a yummy chicken roast, we sat and watched as the weather slowly got better and the sun came out. And after a roast, of course you need a pudding, so off we went in search of cake!

We walked along the coastal path from Bonchurch towards the most Southerly part of the Island. The start of the walk was still a bit blustery, and even Daisy, our water fur baby, was surprised by the big waves coming over the sea wall. But once we had got through Ventnor Town centre and were on the coastal path the other side, the sun came out and it warmed up.

Steep Hill Cove

After an hour and a half or so we reached Steep Hill Cove. It’s not even big enough to call a village, but, it is big enough to have a couple of restaurants and the cutest little tea place I’ve seen in a long while simply called Cove Refreshments. It wasn’t a tea room, more of a well weathered big beach hut, with tables and chairs outside allowing visitors to enjoy views of the fantastic little cove with its one mad surfer brave enough to venture out into the water. Inside was big enough on one side for a small shop packed with loads of cute gifts, and I’m not talking tacky here, but things I really wanted to buy but were too big or heavy to carry. On the other side was the counter offering home baked cakes, sandwiches and yummy Isle of Wight Minghella Ice-cream.

Tea and Cake

We’d found our pudding!! Tea and cake all round – triple layer chocolate cake, and triple layer carrot cake were the cakes on offer, so we had a slice of each. The carrot was scrummy – tasty, moist, with just the right amount of spice and walnuts. The chocolate would have been great, had we not had the carrot, as in contrast it was slightly dry. Both were washed down with good mug of British Tea!

Went down well!

After we’d demolished our cake, and the dogs had had the usual tickles from children seated near by – our dogs are child magnets, and they dutifully sit and receive all the pats and fuss being given them by tiny hands – we headed off further south, and then back again. In total we think (we have to approximate as the Hubster forget to take his Satmap, which would have logged our route) was about 7 to 8 miles in total. Surely 8 miles along a tricky coastal path is enough to walk off a big chunk of cake without having any lasting effect on my hips?!

Barney off on his walk

Tomorrow we’re heading out again…..more cake tales to come then!


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