The Cake Walk

The Cake Walk – Isle of Wight Part 3


Today we walked from Bonchurch to Shanklin, and then ate huge chunks of homemade cake – yummy!!

The Bonchurch to Shanklin Coastal Path is one we’ve walked a few times. It’s not a long walk, it’s not an easy walk, but it’s a beautiful one. It starts at the small beach at Bonchurch and climbs steeply along the coast. It is a walk with variety and much of it is beneath a heavy covering of trees. This morning the weather was misty but warm, so it felt like we could have been trekking through a tropical rainforest – well what I imagine a rain forest to feel like.

Mid way through the walk, there is a small shed at the bottom of someones garden which, when open, serves refreshments. Sadly we were a bit early today, but we did come across a table of wares from ‘The Jam Man’. It was literally just a table with a cash box, pricelist and about 10 different varieties of jam piled up. Never one to miss a retail opportunity involving  baking ingredients scrummy homemade food, we left with a jar of Lemon Marmalade and a jar of Raspberry Jam which appeared to be more seed than jam. Can’t wait to get home and bake a Lemon Marmalade Cake!!

At the end of the walk is Shanklin, and the first place you come to is the beautiful Rhylstone Gardens.


The gardens are immaculately kept, and often have open air music in evenings. Best of all they have a Mini Golf Course and a small cafe – today’s Tea Room!!

Of course after a tricky walk, we had to indulge. All the cakes were home baked, rustic and delicious! The size of the slices were hearty and actually meant I had trouble eating lunch today. I had the cherry cake, the hubster coffee and walnut, and my Mother-in-law had a double chocolate chip cookie.


Shanklin is a busy little village, with many tourist tea-rooms, but if you ever get the chance, the Rhylsetone Garden Cafe is well worth a visit. It’s away from the hustle and bustle and the cakes are proper homemade grub!!

Tomorrow, the plan is Freshwater…….can’t wait!

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