The Cake Walk

The Cake Walk – Isle of Wight Part 5

The doggies at Firestone Copse

Today wasn’t so much of walking to a tearoom, more of a walk AND a tearoom (or two).

I had a minor disaster when the memory card in my Blackberry decided to have a hissy fit and I lost some of my pictures, but Hubster came to the rescue as he took lots on his phone AND managed to save some of mine via the power of being a cleverdick techno bod.

We started at Firestone Copse with a picnic. The weather actually felt like summer as we ventured down into the forest to Wooton Creek, where the doggies found some muddy water to jump around in.

Can’t keep a good Lab out of a muddy river – look how happy she looks!

Firestone Copse has a number easy walks, all well signposted……however, none go towards Wooton Creek, so off we went, away from the easy gravel tracks, through a few sludgy muddy bits, and out to the river. After the dogs had destroyed a few sticks in the water we had to make our way back to the carpark and off to find a tearoom.

Bluebells Farm Shop and Cafe is literally on a farm – and I mean with farm smells and calfs mooing in the barn next to the cafe.


This is where I lost my photos, and therefore don’t have any cake photos but I do have a photo of my Mother in Law and the doggies sitting outside waiting for cake to arrive. The Hubster and I shared a slice of lemon cake, and my Mother in Law had a Florentine. These were probably some of the most expensive cakes we’d had all week, but they were good.

After patting the very cute calfs, we again headed off. This time to be tourists at the Godshill Model Village. I’m not usually into the tourist places in English towns but this was good. Seriously, I know you thinking, but it’s a model village!! It was good!! The miniature Godshill Church was amazing, and the landscaping and miniature gardening was worth the small entrance fee in itself!

Monster Barney peering over the Model Village

Mahoosive Daisy outside the (model) Godshill Vicarage

Just next door to the Model Village is an amazing Tea Garden, where the tables are stone, many of them with big planted pedestals in the middle, and some with fountains.

One of the fountain tables

We sat ourselves around a stone table, on stone benches and ordered our late afternoon homemade tea and cakes. Again the Hubster plumped for Victoria Sandwich (he’s so British!), my Mother in Law had chocolate cake and I had a cream tea (although I had to save one of the scones as, believe it or not, I was too full for anymore cake). The cakes were good, very good, but even if they weren’t the surrounding would have been good enough to make up for it.


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