Daisy Cake Company goings on..

Disney Cake Weekend

Sometimes there are cakes you are just waiting for someone to ask you to make, and sometimes there are cakes you’re actually terrified someone will ask you to make.

This past weekend, I had both, and they were both Disney themed. I’ve been hoping someone would ask me to make a cute Minnie Mouse cake, and this weekend I got it with cupcakes too……cute bow, big black ears, pink with spots, pretty buttercream swirls…it had the lot and I loved how it turned out!!


Then came the fear – a full on structural character cake. Simply put, it terrified me!! But never one to shy away from a challenge I got stuck in! Although Duff Goldman from the TV show Ace of Cakes is my hero, I don’t always agree with his excessive use of non-edible and polystyrene cake components. So sticking to my beliefs I made my Muppet out of Rice Krispie Treats, which meant that apart from a couple of dowels the cake was fully edible.

It may have scared me witless, but I am super proud of this one!!!! AND Animal is my all time favourite Muppet!!!!!!!


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