Cakes, Daisy Cake Company goings on..

National Cupcake Week


Did you know this week is National Cupcake Week?


Have you rolled up your sleeves and baked anything, or are you more a cupcake purchaser? Whatever your preference, this is the week to indulge in little sponge cake parcels.


Cupcakes are great. They are your own personal cake that you don’t have to share, because there is only ever enough for one.


They’re easy to make and great to make with your children. In fact they’re great to make with your Mum too, and I think the best times I have in the kitchen has been when me and Mum are baking together.


The cupcakes on this post were made for a Wedding Fair last week. I’ve had loads of lovely comments about them, and they’re probably some of my favourites I’ve made.


So don’t let this week just pass by. Turn you oven on, mix up some batter and within 30 minutes you can be enjoying your own sweet, soft sponge cake.


And one of the best things about baking cupcakes? Stealing one fresh from the oven….make one extra and no-one will ever know!!

Happy National Cupcake Week!!


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