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Daisy’s Dream Cake

Published November 12, 2015 by Daisy Cake Company

Hello strangers… have you all been?!!

Summer had been mad here, Weddings, baking for and running 2 Tea Rooms, Birthday Cakes and Anniversary cakes galore! Now is calmed down there is a bit of time for a recipe or few. So we start today with Dream Cake.

Our Dream Cake is a layered slice consisting of a shortcake base topped with a meringuey top filled with Cranberries, Coconut and Ground Almonds. It’s adapted from a recipe we found in a Women’s Institute Magazine, and seeing as it’s the WI’s Centenary this year we thought it apt that we use this recipe…..and it’s totally scrummy!

 Daisy’s Dream Cake


110gms Butter

225gms Plain Flour

2tbsp Icing Sugar

2 Free Range Eggs

200gms Caster Sugar

50gms Plain Flour

1tspn Baking Powder

55gms Desiccated Coconut

55gms Ground Almonds

55gms Dried Cranberriest
Pre-heat your oven to 160c/ 140c fan/ GM3. Prepare a brownie tray by greasing and lining with baking parchment.

In a bowl sieve together the Plain Flour and Icing Sugar.  Add the butter and either rub together with your fingers or if you have a stand mixer use the paddle attachment on medium until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Pour into your prepared tin and press down with your fingertips to make it even biscuit type base.

In the same bowl, beat the eggs and mix with the caster sugar and flour. Beat until it’s light and well combined and mix in the Almonds, Coconut and Cranberries by hand. If you don’t have Cranberries or Almonds, try cherries and walnuts, or sultanas and pecans – either whatever takes your fancy or you have in the cupboard.

Pour the wet mixture over the biscuit base and bake for 35-40 minutes, or until the top is a rich golden colour and crispy to the touch.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Cut into slices – we get 8 slices from each bake, but you may get more (or less) depending on how your mood takes you.


Coconut Chocolate Cookie Bars

Published September 30, 2013 by Daisy Cake Company


<So…summer seems to be over. But hasn't it been good?! Well it has here…………

We've enjoyed warm weather (actually a bit hot on a couple of occasions, but I promised not to complain after last years rain!), long days and pleasant evenings filled with dog walks and sitting outside pubs with a cold cider. It's definitely been a vintage summer that will remain in the memory for a very long time.

But………the evenings are drawing in! There's a chill in the air and it's time to get in the kitchen baking. As autumn turns the trees red and brown, there's nothing better than filling the house with warm baking smells, and have I got just the recipe to start the autumn baking season……..have I indeed!


Coconut Chocolate Cookie Bars

Makes 12 – 16 Squares
130gms Light Brown Sugar
120gms Butter
200gms Plain Flour
¼tspn Salt
1tspn Bicarbonate of Soda
2 Eggs
250gms Cream Cheese
180gms Icing Sugar
100gms Chocolate Chips
4tbspns Desiccated Coconut

Preheat your oven to 170c (150c Fan), Gas Mark 3.
Grease a 22cm square baking tin
With an electric mixer, cream together the Butter and Light Brown Sugar
Sift together the Flour, Salt and Bicarbonate of Soda and mix into the creamed Butter and Sugar
Add 1 Egg and beat until combined into a thick dough
Press the dough into the base of the tin and bake for 8 minutes
Whilst the base is baking, beat together the Cream Cheese, Icing Sugar and remaining Egg
After the base has been baked for 8 minutes, remove from the oven and evenly sprinkle over the chocolate chips and coconut.
Pour over the Cream Cheese mixture and bake for further 20 to 25 minutes, or until the Cream Cheese is set.
Remove from the oven and allow to cool fully before turning out and cutting into square.

Tip: Although these bars can be eaten when cooled, they are best chilled for 30 minutes to firm up the Cream Cheese topping.

This recipe first appeared in Essence Magazine in print and online.


Caramel Egg Filled Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Published March 10, 2013 by Daisy Cake Company

Crinkle CookiesI have recently started a commission for Essence Magazine, which is distributed to homes in Surrey and can be found online. Its a great magazine….well, why else would they commission recipes from The Daisy Cake Company?!!

Every month I provide Essence with a brand new, unseen Daisy Cake recipe, and I can now let you, my loyal blog readers, share March’s recipe.

If you click on the photo above, you can read the whole magazine (which is really very very good!!). Turn to page 32 and you can see The Daisy Cake Diet’s Caramel Egg Filled Chocolate Crinkle Cookies in full.

Because, what else would you do with all those extra Caramel eggs you’ll be getting in the next couple of weeks?!!

Crinkle Cookies1

Its been a while……

Published February 23, 2013 by Daisy Cake Company

Cream Cheese Sweetie Biscuits

Weeeeell, hello there stranger!

How are you?

I know, I know, it’s been a while, but you wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been. Let me give you a quick run-down of what’s been happening since I spoke to you last.

My dream of owning my own tea-room and cake shop was screaming louder and louder at me, so on December 4th I handed in my notice from a full-time career, to take a part-time job, which would allow me to spend more time making and selling cakes. I had a month before starting the new job, so as it was coming up to Christmas I thought I’d get some shopping and planning done.

Hmmmm, well that plan quickly went out of the window, when within hours of handing in my notice I had been offered a commission by Good To Know to write 100 recipes!!! How fab is that?!!!!! But the deadline was just 3 weeks away  – not so fab – Christmas was cancelled as the baking began.

With a little help from my Mum, I got in the kitchen and wrote, baked and photographed 100 unique recipes, many of which can now be found on the Good to Know website, and some of which you will find links too below. Everyone that came within 100 metres of the house left with a baked good of some description, as one point I was baking 10 different recipes a day… was tough, but someone had to do it!!

I then started my new job in the New Year, which although part time is still amazing. It involves Shoes, Dancing, Shoes, Strictly Come Dancing, Sparkly Dresses….did I mention shoes? Oh, how I looooove shoes!!!

I’ve also been baking every week! So what with shoes and baking I am now what you call a very very busy girl!!

I’m sorry if I’ve neglected you, but I hope the links below make up for it a little bit, and then next week we’ll get back to being proper friends again eh?

Have a catch up, maybe a cake or biscuit or two?…

Looking forward to it already!!!

If you want a list of all my recipes, click here, but here are a few I’ve selected to share with you:

Granary Flatbreads

Granary Flatbread


Rosewater Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

Rosewater cupcakes

Homemade Twix


Cranberry and Orange Upside Down Cake

Cranberry and Orange Upside Down Cake

Cream Cheese Sweetie Biscuits

Cream Cheese Sweetie Biscuits

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Chocolate Crackle Cookies 

Red Velvet Cookies

Published August 13, 2012 by Daisy Cake Company


London you were amazing, Team GB you were completely awesome.

I’m all Olympiced out. What an amazing couple of weeks, and today it somehow seems wrong to not be watching another sport on the television.

I have well and truly become an armchair expert in loads of different sports, and have gone through a wealth of emotions whilst watching the games. I’ve been moved to tears watching horses dance to music, have sat on the edge of my seat watching the rowing and cycling, have almost been too scared to watch Peter Wilson shoot his last 2 shots in the Men’s Double Trap, have screamed at Mo Farah to get a wriggle on and turned into a scary lout shouting ‘Just ‘it ‘im son’, watching the boxing. There were low times, but thankfully there were some amazing high points. I honestly can’t pinpoint one highlight as ‘THE’ moment, because from the Opening Ceremony to the Closing Fireworks, there were just too many.

I have lived in London for over 20 years and love this city, and this year I’m even more proud than ever to call it home.

I now feel bereft that its all over and we’re back to watching The One Show and Eastenders on BBC1 again. It feels like when Chrtistmas TV is over and you have to go back to work.

We have tickets for the Paralympics and will be going to the stadium to see the athletics…..bring it on! Can’t wait!!!!!

This is my cookie homage to Our Greatest Team, and the amazing London 2012.

Red Velvet Cookies

125gms Butter
100gms Light Brown Sugar
75gms Dark Brown Sugar
150gms Plain Flour
1 egg
1tspn Bicarbonate of Soda
1 tspn Salt
20ml Red Food Colouring
100gms White Chocolate Chips

Cream the butter and sugar together.

Add the egg and red colouring and beat together.

Sieve the flour, cocoa, Bicarbonate of Soda and salt and add to the mixture. Mix to a thick dough.

Lastly mix through the white chocolate chips.

You now have 2 choices – put the dough in the fridge to chill for an hour, and then form into balls about the size of a golf ball ready for the oven. However, because you’ve chilled the dough it will be hard. Alternatively, why not form the dough into balls BEFORE you chill it? So much easier!!

Whilst the dough is chilling, preheat the oven to 140c (120c Fan) or Gas Mark 2. Prepare 2 or 3 baking sheets by covering in baking parchment.

Lay out the dough balls onto the baking sheets, remembering to leave a good distance between them as the cookies will spread.

Bake for 20 – 25 mins, depending on how chewy or crunchy you like your cookies.

When baked remove from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes before transfering to a wire rack to cool completely.

To get in the olympic spirit I decorated mine with piped Royal Icing, mixed up from shop bought Royal Icing Sugar.

Lemon Crumble Bars

Published July 18, 2012 by Daisy Cake Company


If you live in the UK, There are 2 things you can’t have failed to have noticed this summer:

1. The Olympics are nearly upon us – yep, London 2012 will be opening in just a weeks time.
2. It hasn’t stopped raining for what seems like forever!!

Firstly the Olympics. Personally I’m very excited. We get TV Olympic coverage at a time of day I’m not in bed, sleeping. But then I don’t live near the Olympic Village. I do however, have a ‘proper’ job at a big Dance Shoe Company, and the factory and offices are based in Hackney.

Oh…. My…. Life… much things have changed in the area!!

Most of the staff live in the local vicinity and have had varying degrees of inconvenience with a few added bonuses. But I think the most interesting story I heard this week was how all the helicopters carrying the security troops make the TV satellite dishes shake so much the local residents keep loosing reception.

The company I work for are proud to be involved in the Olympics, but as we’re not ‘official’ sponsors I can’t tell you exactly how we are involved….which as the Marketing Manager is UBER annoying!!

Anyway, onto my second point…..RAIN!!!! Seriously, how much water does the sky hold? On April 5th a hosepipe ban came into force in our area, and, you guessed it, it hasn’t stopped raining since!

I’m not kidding!!

Whilst America is sweltering in ridiculous heat, the UK has drowned!!!!!!

There is one thing you can rely on with the British weather at the moment, and that is that you’re going to get wet at some point during the day! Do not leave the house without an umbrella or waterproof jacket, and preferably a pair of wellies, and in some areas canoes come in handy too!

As a nation we have the collective look of the proverbial ‘drowned rat!’.

But are we down about it? No, we have the Olympics next week, and the pesky Jet Stream that is bringing all this falling water is, apparently, moving North, so the forecast and TV viewing looks positive.

(oh and our hosepipe ban was lifted early, 2 weeks ago. Something to do with the fact that we’ve had the wettest summer EVER)

As there are all sorts of restrictions about using the Olympic rings, I didn’t want to incur the wrath of the IOC by baking something that looked liked them. Therefore, I have rather tenuously devised a baking and blogging schedule that fits with the colours of the five rings.

First up – yellow.

These are what I consider to be comfort food. Exactly what you need on a wet, miserable, cold July day!


Lemon Crumble Bars

Base and Crumble:
160gms plain flour, sifted
80gms granulated sugar
100gms butter

110gms sugar
1 tbspn plain flour
.25 tspn baking powder
1 egg
Juice and grated zest of 1 lemon

Grease a baking tray. I used a 6″ x 4″ foil tray.

Preheat you oven to 130 c, 150c fan, gas mark 3

Place all the base and crumble ingredients into a bowl and mix with an electric mixer until it has the consistency of thick crumbs.

Take one third of the crumbs and squish it into the tray to form a base.

Place all the filling ingredients into a clean bowl and mix until fully combined.

Tip: place the tray onto a baking sheet, as when it’s filled it’s a bit tricky to carry without spilling it.

Pour the filling over the base.

Sprinkle the remaining crumble over the filling. Some will sink in, some will stay on top.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until the top is slightly spongy to touch.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool. (At this point you could, as I did, dig into the crumble and have it as you would any other fruit crumble with ice-cream or custard. However, in order to get bars, you have to resist this temptation)

Once fully cooled its best to pop the crumble into the fridge for at least 30 minutes to set.

Once set cut into bars and devour!


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