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National Cupcake Week

Did you know this week is National Cupcake Week? Have you rolled up your sleeves and baked anything, or are you more a cupcake purchaser? Whatever your preference, this is the week to indulge in little sponge cake parcels. Cupcakes are great. They are your own personal cake that you don't have to share, because… Continue reading National Cupcake Week

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Disney Cake Weekend

Sometimes there are cakes you are just waiting for someone to ask you to make, and sometimes there are cakes you're actually terrified someone will ask you to make. This past weekend, I had both, and they were both Disney themed. I've been hoping someone would ask me to make a cute Minnie Mouse cake,… Continue reading Disney Cake Weekend

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Clandestine Cake Club Cobham

This week I joined the best club ever!! The Clandestine Cake Club, had its first meeting in Cobham this week, and it was fab. Thanks to Liz for organising it? Basically, it goes like this.....the organiser of the local club tells you about a week before where you are meeting. Our first meeting was at… Continue reading Clandestine Cake Club Cobham

Cakes, Daisy Cake Company goings on..

Lemon Cupcakes

I love cupcakes!! They are my favourite type of cake to make. Everything about them makes me happy: choosing flavours, designing new recipes, choosing the cases, deciding on the frosting, decorating them, and above all eating them. Cupcakes allow you to have your own little cake, that you don't have to share, and that's been… Continue reading Lemon Cupcakes

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Luuuuuuv Biscuits

V-Day is only a matter of weeks away.....what will you be giving this year? I've been with the hubster for nearly 27 years (we're not old, we met at school) so Valentines Day doesn't really have the same joy for us as it used to when I was 15 and he was 18. Back then… Continue reading Luuuuuuv Biscuits

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Happy Christmas

Just a quick post as I'm sure you're all far too busy enjoying your festive day to be reading blog posts. I hope you're all having a fab Christmas Day, and the Father Christmas has been kind to you!!!   We've eaten, drunk and are now preparing for Homebaked Chocolate Wrapped Chocolate Cake for pudding.… Continue reading Happy Christmas

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Weekly Round-up with a Cookie Cake Bar

This week has been mad...MAD I tell you!! There has been Baby Shower Cupcakes, a new order from the local farm shop (The Oak Tree Farm), a wedding booking for February 2012, a last minute birthday Giant Cupcake, Cookies for our best friends the Smiths and Festive Flavour Cookie Cake Bars - just because! YEP,… Continue reading Weekly Round-up with a Cookie Cake Bar