Celebration Cakes

This Week’s Cakes…..rollerboots, Minion and a few more

So here is a selection of our cakes this week.........just a small taster. Hope you're all having a great cake week.

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Savoury Cream Tea……Romsey’s Original

OK, so we have a cake shop. Which generally means our major food group is sweet, sweet and more sweet. But occasionally, very occasionally, we digress to something a little more savoury. However, we don't want to fall too far away from the British ideal, so what we have invented is The Savoury Cream Tea.....oh… Continue reading Savoury Cream Tea……Romsey’s Original

The Cake Room

The Cake Room

Did you know The Daisy Cake Company has gone retail? It happened a while ago. We moved to Hampshire in January, and then we opened a shop in The town of Romsey in April, and that's mainly why things have been so quiet around here later. So here are some photos from the last few… Continue reading The Cake Room


Sticky Toffee Christmas Tree Brownies

So everyone.......how are the Christmas preparations going? Are you one of those annoyingly organised people? Do you have all you Christmas presents bought and wrapped? Christmas cards written and sent? Tree up and decorated? Really.....you've done all those things already. Hmph......s'not fair!! Don't take my little outburst personally. It's just that I have none of… Continue reading Sticky Toffee Christmas Tree Brownies


Mince Pie Cupcakes

Flash back 2 years ago when I first bought you the Hint of Christmas Cupcakes..... I have now practiced and perfected this recipe and am happy to present to you Mince Pie Cupcakes....the perfect, lightly spiced fruit cupcake as an alternative to rich fruit Christmas Cake. Ingredients 150gms Softened Unsalted Butter 150gms Caster Sugar 2… Continue reading Mince Pie Cupcakes

Sweets and Goodies

Cake Chocolate

  Now I know you may think the title of this post is a typo....Cake Chocolate? Surely that should say Chocolate Cake.....well, actually NO!!! This is one of the easiest recipes ever!! FACT!! What makes this recipe so easy is using an ingredient which has already been mixed. I promise I haven't lost my mind,… Continue reading Cake Chocolate