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Chocolate Spiced Shortbread

  Here's a quick recipe from my submissions from the Good the Know website. It's full of festive flavour and makes your house smell amazing!! Full recipe can be found here.......  

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Cake Chocolate

  Now I know you may think the title of this post is a typo....Cake Chocolate? Surely that should say Chocolate Cake.....well, actually NO!!! This is one of the easiest recipes ever!! FACT!! What makes this recipe so easy is using an ingredient which has already been mixed. I promise I haven't lost my mind,… Continue reading Cake Chocolate


Halloween Cupcakes

Oooooooooo...aaaaaaahhhhhh....arrrrghhhhhhh Are you ready for Halloween?!!! With these incredibly easy Cupcake Decorations you will more than thrill any Trick-or-Treaters that come to your door. Ingredients For each cupcake, you will of course need cupcakes - homebaked from scratch, baked out of a box or shop bought, any will do. Frost each cupcake with buttercream or… Continue reading Halloween Cupcakes

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Coconut Chocolate Cookie Bars

<So...summer seems to be over. But hasn't it been good?! Well it has here............ We've enjoyed warm weather (actually a bit hot on a couple of occasions, but I promised not to complain after last years rain!), long days and pleasant evenings filled with dog walks and sitting outside pubs with a cold cider. It's… Continue reading Coconut Chocolate Cookie Bars

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Caramel Egg Filled Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I have recently started a commission for Essence Magazine, which is distributed to homes in Surrey and can be found online. Its a great magazine....well, why else would they commission recipes from The Daisy Cake Company?!! Every month I provide Essence with a brand new, unseen Daisy Cake recipe, and I can now let you,… Continue reading Caramel Egg Filled Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

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Chocolate Sponge Push Pops

I attend a few fairs and markets every year, with an offering of cupcakes and biscuits. When I have a table covered in cupcakes, there a are a few things I'm guaranted to see and hear..... * "Oooo, they look too good to eat" to which I always reply, "but cakes are made to be… Continue reading Chocolate Sponge Push Pops

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White Chocolate Marshmallow Cups

I'm very proud to be British, and why wouldn't I be? Reasons I love being British: A good cup of Tea Victoria Sponge A Royal Family giving us extra holiday days last year and this The British music scene and Glastonbury Festival Digestives, Bourbons and Custard Cream biscuits Eastenders - enough to make anyone feel… Continue reading White Chocolate Marshmallow Cups