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Your Own Individual Cake in Cup

Do you ever get those moments when you NEED a cake? I do! At these times, mass produced, shop bought cakes just wont do. I'm talking about a NEED for fresh, out of the oven, home-baked cake!!! But, mixing up a batch of cupcakes or a Victoria sponge would be too much, and once the… Continue reading Your Own Individual Cake in Cup

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Let’s get over it and move on……….with Pizza Pinwheels

Right, Christmas is with it! This is a message to myself.......I'm not being a bully, just trying to shake myself out of the holiday mode. I've read a lot of blogs over the last week (because I have a new reader on my new iPad and it's great!), some have celebrated the passing of… Continue reading Let’s get over it and move on……….with Pizza Pinwheels

Recipes - tried and tested

Bread Baking – Pure Genius?

The best thing since sliced bread is home baked bread, baked in your own oven!!! But who was it that discovered that the combination of crushed grain, yeast, salt and water, mixed, kneaded and left for a few hours would expand to make the most amazing food? Seriously, the simple act of baking bread never… Continue reading Bread Baking – Pure Genius?