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A Very British Tea Cake

Tea Cakes mean different things to different people, depending on where you come from. In Britain it's even more confusing, because there are 2 different types; one with a shortbread base, topped with a marshmallow dome and covered in a thin layer of chocolate, which are more than an ickle bit scrummy. But they are… Continue reading A Very British Tea Cake

Recipes - tried and tested

In need of something a little healthy?

It's a myth that Christmas is bad for you: 1. Christmas dinner consists of masses of veg.....including the very wholesome sprout 2. Christmas pud is just a big bowl of dried fruit.....think of the fibre 3. At some point some bright spark with always get either the Wii or Xbox Connect thingy out.....exercise for fun… Continue reading In need of something a little healthy?