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Victoria Sandwich for One

Last year I entered a Victoria Sandwich into a local horticultural competition and was disqualified!! Yep, you read right.....disqualified!! And what was the awful deed I did to be disqualified........I put buttercream between my layers of sponge and dusted icing sugar on the top. Shock! Horror!!!! The competition was being run according to the Women's… Continue reading Victoria Sandwich for One

Sweets and Goodies

Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream Cheese Frosting....easy?! You'd think so eh? After all it's a basic frosting, so it should be easy! But for ages - and I mean ages and ages - I was totally incapable of making a Cream Cheese Frosting without buttery lumps in it, didn't slide right off of the cake, or wasn't so sweet… Continue reading Cream Cheese Frosting