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Strawberry Blondes

Summer appears to have arrived in Surrey.....not sure for how long, but we're being positive and saying it is NOW summer! I'm ignoring the small blip of the torrential rain and thundestorm earlier, which I'm calling a 'summer shower', as the sun is again shining, the dogs are panting and we're slowly melting (but not… Continue reading Strawberry Blondes

Daisy Cake Company goings on..

Clandestine Cake Club Cobham

This week I joined the best club ever!! The Clandestine Cake Club, had its first meeting in Cobham this week, and it was fab. Thanks to Liz for organising it? Basically, it goes like this.....the organiser of the local club tells you about a week before where you are meeting. Our first meeting was at… Continue reading Clandestine Cake Club Cobham