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Tottenham Cake….

....just like Percy Ingles makes. To many people, well actually most people, Tottenham Cake and Percy Ingles means nothing, but work or live in the Eastend of London and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I worked in Hackney, in London's East end for over 10 years, and was lucky to regularly enjoy delights… Continue reading Tottenham Cake….

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Pancake Stack with Lemon Sugar Syrup

Today is a very important day.....very important!! Last week, on February 14th, I saw a Facebook status from one of my good friends saying "forget Valentines Day, this time next week it's Pancake Day!!" and here it is!! For readers in America, you're probably thinking, so what, we have pancakes every day for breakfast. Well… Continue reading Pancake Stack with Lemon Sugar Syrup