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Tottenham Cake….

....just like Percy Ingles makes. To many people, well actually most people, Tottenham Cake and Percy Ingles means nothing, but work or live in the Eastend of London and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I worked in Hackney, in London's East end for over 10 years, and was lucky to regularly enjoy delights… Continue reading Tottenham Cake….

Cakes, Recipes - tried and tested

Victoria Sandwich for One

Last year I entered a Victoria Sandwich into a local horticultural competition and was disqualified!! Yep, you read right.....disqualified!! And what was the awful deed I did to be disqualified........I put buttercream between my layers of sponge and dusted icing sugar on the top. Shock! Horror!!!! The competition was being run according to the Women's… Continue reading Victoria Sandwich for One

Daisy Cake Company goings on..

Clandestine Cake Club Cobham

This week I joined the best club ever!! The Clandestine Cake Club, had its first meeting in Cobham this week, and it was fab. Thanks to Liz for organising it? Basically, it goes like this.....the organiser of the local club tells you about a week before where you are meeting. Our first meeting was at… Continue reading Clandestine Cake Club Cobham

Cakes, Recipes - tried and tested

Naturally Pink Cupcakes

Valentines is on its way....the more sceptical amongst you may think its just another way the card and gift manufacturers get you to part with your hard earned cash, and in many ways I agree. However, I also feel that its a way of making you stop and truly appreciate the loved ones in your… Continue reading Naturally Pink Cupcakes


The Egg-stra Sunday Supplement

Well, what a week. The New Year is certainly up and running. So to recap: We've had Raspberry and Chocolate Cupcake Bakes And Individual Cakes in a Cup Next week.....drum roll please, I'm hoping to bring you Diet Coke Chicken, and Vanilla and Beetroot Cupcakes. But I'm apologising now if that doesn't happen because I'm… Continue reading The Egg-stra Sunday Supplement